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Board of Education
Barren County Board of Education
Trojan Academy
Area Technology Center
Barren County Middle School
Barren County Middle School
Austin Tracy Elementary
Austin Tracy Elementary
Park City Elementary
Park City Elementary
Eastern Elementary
Barren County High School
Hiseville Elementary
Temple Hill Elementary
Red Cross Elementary
North Jackson Elementary

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Updated COVID Safety Plan

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District Calendar

Report Suspicious Activity - If you see something, say something...

Safety Tipline, Online Prevention or S.T.O.P Tipline (link) or call (866) 393-6659

 Barren County School District and Barren County Area Technology Center do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, parental status, martial status,
veteran status,sex or disability in employment, vocational programs, or activities set forth in compliance with the office of Civil Rights, Title II, Title VI, Title IX, ADA and Section 504.