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Freshmen Information
9 th Grade – Welcome to Trojan Academy!!

The freshmen year is an integral part of a student’s experience in high school. It is imperative that each freshman starts off on the right tract. The following information and list of resources will be helpful to assist you and your freshman.

What is Fresh Start?

The Fresh Start team approach was developed and implemented in the fall of 1997. It has been an exceptionally good program to assist students in the transition from the middle school to the high school. The Fresh Start program consists of four teams of four teachers each: English, Algebra, Integrated Science, and Health/PE/Careers/Lifeskills education. We also have three exceptional education teachers that rotate between the four teams. The core classes last 55 minutes each and run all year. Freshmen also choose two electives. Taking electives with the upper classmen allows ninth graders to transition into the main building. Freshmen can earn a total of seven credits their freshman year (one per class). Credits are awarded in May. Students must earn a minimum of five credits in order to become a sophomore.  Unique to our program is that all four teachers have the same block of planning. This allows our teachers time to collaborate and plan together. It also allows teachers an opportunity to discuss students’ progress. We encourage parents to meet with their team teachers during their common planning.


This required 9 th grade course will address essential skills and knowledge needed to be successful at Barren County High School and in life after high school. It also provides extensions to our core classes of English, Algebra, Integrated Science, and Health/PE/Careers/Lifeskills. Topics addressed in this class include character education, study skills, and current events. Some of our extensions include intramural sports, creative writing, book club, heath careers, and service projects.  Students who needed tutoring in their core classes can go to Refinement and Recovery (R and R) during advisory. This promotes student proficiency by giving them immediate attention and help in their studies.

Graduation Requirements for BCHS students (link to grad requirements)
KEES – Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship

You don’t have to fill out any forms to earn money for higher education with a Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship. You qualify if you earn a 2.5 GPA or better at the end of a high school year. If you have a composite score of at least a 15 on the ACT or 710 on the SAT and have earned at least one base award, you can earn a bonus award. Bonus awards range from $36 to $500. After each year of high school, you will be notified if you have earned a KEES award. Your award amount is posted online at the end of each school year. You will have to create a Zip Access user ID and password to look at your data at for the first time. If you don’t find a record or if your data is incorrect, you should tell your guidance counselor.


Career Cruising – This is an internet-based career exploration program that also incorporates post-secondary planning. This program gives students the ability to research and save careers, colleges, and vocation schools. It also creates a database of awards and recognition that students have received.

ACT Prep Group

Invitation to this prestigious group is based upon test results of the EXPLORE exam given in the eighth grade. Students selected for this group participate in a six week test taking tips and strategies class and then take the ACT. Barren County High School registers and pays the fee for these students to take the ACT. Once ACT scores are reported to the school, parents and students meet individually with the freshman counselor to interpret the scores and to register for sophomore classes.

MAP Test
Leaders of the Future
The Road to a Successful High School Experience
  1. Take a serious approach to your classes and grades beginning your freshman year.
    1. Study skills (link to
    2. Graduation Requirements (link to our requirements)
  2. Begin thinking about your future…college, vocational school, apprenticeships, military
    1. Career interest (link to
    2. Post-secondary institutions (link to
  3. Get involved…join a club, play sports, sing, play an instrument
    1. Extra-curricular activities (link to our activities list)
  4. Do your homework
    1. ESS – Tutoring (link to
    2. Live Homework Help (link to
  5. Ask for help when you need it. Seek out a teacher, counselor, or administrator.
Incoming Freshmen Orientation Survey - This survey will be given to 8th Grade students when they complete online registration.  Please email Mrs. Fant, 21st Century Counselor at Trojan Academy, at if you have questions.