KY Democratic Womens Club

Democratic Woman’s Club of Kentucky SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS

Applicant Must:

1. Be registered as a member of the Kentucky Democrat Party or submit a notarized statement that applicant will do so upon reaching voting age. 2. Both parents/guardians or the custodial parent/guardian in a single family household must be registered as a member of the Kentucky Democratic Party. 3. Plan to attend an accredited Kentucky Institution of Higher Learning. 4. Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). 5. Submit an official academic transcript from their school verifying their cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). 6. Submit official ACT Score. 7. Submit a list of activities he/she has participated in on behalf of the Democratic Party (BE SPECIFIC). (Examples of such activities may include, but are not limited to the following; assisting with Democratic campaigns, assisting with voter registration drive(s), telephoning for Democratic candidates, distributing campaign literature, voting (if 18 before November election) 8. Submit a list of activities he/she is involved with in theit school and community. 9. Submit a list of Special Recognitions/Honors received. 10. Obtain Two (2) character reference letters from persons not related to applicant; one (1) from school, one (1) from the community (Letters MUST be attached to the application and not submitted separately.