Men of Principle Scholarship

Beta Theta Pi believes that college men should be recognized for their success and for their desire to achieve. In fact, for more than 174 years, we have been in the business of building Men of Principle. Beta strives to provide strong relationships, as well as leadership opportunities and personal development. For many of our members, these skills have transferred to professional life. You have probably heard of some of them . . .Wal-Mart Founder Sam Walton, Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, The Founder of Nike Bill Bowerman, Sportscaster Neil Everett, to name a few.

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In hopes of providing these same opportunities to the men at the University of Kentucky, the General Fraternity is offering a scholarship totaling $500 designated by the Beta Theta Pi Foundation for any non-Greek male students at the University of Kentucky. We seek to reward men who demonstrate devotion to intellectual growth and a commitment to making both the university and community better places to live. The scholarship is in no way an obligation to join the fraternity.

Again, by applying for the scholarships, you are not committing yourself to membership in Beta Theta Pi or any other organization.