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Learn your weekly spelling words by playing games and taking a practice test

Play games and view lesson tutorials of math and reading content
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Practice basic computation facts at home.

Watch videos and clips over any content
Watch short movie clips over any content

Play math games to review content
Lots of fun with science experiments
A list of great sites for children.
Science Kids - Fun Science & Technology for Kids!
Lots of fun with science

 Educational Games
Excellent resources for helping your child at home
A great all around site with information about all content areas.
Excellent resource for creating class presentations!
Internet 4 Classrooms
Online Games
Great math tool with manipulatives
 Science Clips
Interactive Science Activities - Cool math games, lessons and more
Math Games
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Math Games

A wealth of information!

Add a voice to any of your pictures

Create a collage of words

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Create documents similar to Word docs