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Talent Show Tryout Form 2016

We will be adding some more information here this year. Stay Tunned! 
We will be adding more this year to our links and chains paige.
Stay tuned!
Check out the Willis Family - We have been talking about them in Music Class
Check These Sites Out!!!!

Link to the Star Spangled Banner History Page at the Smithsonian
Check out a new website. Really Awesome! Have been talking about it in class.

Ethan Bortnick:


Check out the videos
On the home page click the tab that says ((Our Videos)).
Scroll down through until you find what you want to watch.

(we watched these video's in class, they are pretty awesome)
Cello Wars
One Direction/What Makes You Beautiful
Charlie Brown Medley


Welcome To Our Links & Chains Page. More to come! ENJOY!