Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math is an independent math program provided to help students master math concepts and to help them advance their math skills. This is done outside of the classroom on an independent basis. Students are given a goal of completing 27 objectives each nine weeks with an 85% average or higher. Working on AM is in addition to the regular daily homework students have. It does reinforce what has been taught and provides extra practice. Students who meet their goal are very dedicated to learning and excelling in math. Many students far exceed the goal set for them. I can see a positive difference in students' grades who complete AM on a regular basis. The extra practice does make a difference. 

I will announce those students who meet their goals each nine weeks, so check back to see who met their goal. Students are also recognized at Town Meeting and given a small treat.

These students met their AM goal the 1st nine weeks:


Emerson Alexander       Evan Sherfey

Greg Simmons               Kennedy Gill

Kinsey Edwards             Madison Turner

Waylon Clemmons        Penelope Seeley