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Barren County Schools ilearn@home is a non-traditional instruction day. When it snows and we can't get to school, our superintendent may announce an ilearn@home Day. On this day, you will work from home and will not have to make up this snow day in the summer. Your work for the day can be found in your google classroom "Sherfey Homeroom." You also have a hard copy of all of the assignments in your ilearn@home envelope that was sent home with you on or about November 25. Remember we asked you to keep this in a safe place? Listen for the "snow day" announcement for when you will need to get this out and work on it!

  • iLearn@home day

    Whenever we have a snow day, please listen to the TV or radio or check the BC website to see if this day will be used as an iLearn@home day. If so, please get your envelope out to see what work you have for the day. You may call me at 427-3660 anytime during the day (8:00-3:00) if you need help. I will make random phone calls to you as well. You can also contact me through email at

    I have uploaded all of your work into the "iLearn@home" classroom. You really shouldn't need to access the materials online, but they are there if you need them (like if you get snowed in at a friend's house or grandma's house). 

    I have added some supplemental materials to my Google classroom to enhance/enrich the materials students have in their packets. These are optional, but I have offered students bonus points for watching the videos and/or commenting about what they are learning. Students can also "chat" in Google classroom and share what they are learning or ask any questions they might have. You might ask a question/respond to a question that could help someone else. Students can also enter the answers to their work in the google forms. 

    I would love to have pictures of students working at home to post to the website. (Will be posted in the gallery to the right.) You may email them or you can upload to google and share them with me.

    I am here to help. Just email or call.

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