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During Language Arts time we will practice using the parts of speech, learn various sentence types and structures, learn how to classify parts of speech in a sentence, work on vocabulary and word usage, and combine all of the above into our writing.
  • Our Strange Language
    You might like this poem. Makes you think about our English language. Author is unknown.

    Our Strange Language

    In the English tongue we speak
    Why is "break" not rhymed with "freak?"

    Will you tell me why it's true
    We say "sew" but likewise "few"

    And the maker of verse
    Cannot rhyme his "horse" with "worse"

    "Beard" sounds not the same as "heard"
    Cow is "cow" but low is "low"

    And think of "goose" and yet of "choose"
    Think of "comb" and "tomb" and " bomb"
    "Doll" and "roll" and "home" and "some"

    And since "pay" is rhymed with "say"
    Why not "paid" with "said", I pray? 

    We have "blood" and "food" and "good"
    "Mould is not pronounced as "could"

    Wherefore "done" but "gone" and "lone?
    Is there any reason known?

    And, in short, it seems to me
    Sounds and letters disagree.
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