Preschool iLearn at Home

Barren County Schools



Helpful hints to make your iLearn@home day a success:


1.  Please put this folder in a safe location so that you can easily locate it when our first iLearn@home day is planned.

Your child has 5 packets of ilearn@home work. Each are labeled with day 1, day 2, day 3, etc. (at top). Packets will go home with each child Friday, November 30th.

The packets are color coded by day.

Day 1: yellow, Day 2: blue, Day 3: green, Day 4: pink, Day 5: orange


2. The Barren County School District will be utilizing FIVE weather related closing days as iLearn@homedays but, at the discretion of the superintendent and district leadership, there will not be more than 3 days the same week. All other ilearn@home days that may go unused should remain in a safe spot and be ready for the next round of snow should that be the case. *Preschool students will not be required to do iLearn at home packets on any Friday because preschool is not in regular session on Friday's. 


3.  Only have your child complete the packets for the day planned.  If it is the first planned iLearn@home day, only have your child do day 1.


4.  Use the school supplies that you have at home. Please complete work with a crayon or pencil. 


5.   The lessons in the packet are review so your child should be able to accomplish these easily.  But he/she will need an adult to read the directions and to monitor his/her progress. Do not complete the packets for your child.


6.  Please return the completed work on the next day that we return to school.


7.  I can be contacted on my cell phone at 270-590-8279, Facebook Messenger,  on the private Temple Hill Preschool Facebook Group, or by email at from 8:00 – 3:00 on the ilLearn@home day. *If you are not a member of the private TH Preschool Group, please let me know so that you can be added to the group.