ACT Prep

iLearn at Home


Day 3:     Write a full page essay answering both of the following questions.

  1. What are your plans after high school?

  2. Why do you think that this class is required?


Day 4:    Answer the following questions in paragraph form.

  1. What is CERT? (hint: use your parent packet)

  2. What is the ACT and why is it required for college?


Day 5:    Tell me about yourself (250-500 words)

    Examples: WHo are you? What do you like to do outside of school? What 

is your favorite subject? What is your least favorite subject? How do you like to learn (visual? Hands on? Taking notes? etc)


Day 6:    Create a 10 question math quiz (on your math level), include 

answers worked out on a separate page.


Day 7:    Go onto and watch the following video:

    10 ACT Prep Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Skyrocket you ACT Score

    BY: Best ACT Prep

    Write those tips down and be prepared to discuss when we return.


Day 8:    Go onto and look at information for students and parents.

    Explore the site and take notes on information you find useful. At least ¾ 

page written notes. Be prepared to share your findings.


Day 9:    Go online and find a video or document about ACT Tips/Strategies.

    Write a paragraph overviewing the resource and share the link with me.


Day 10:    Find 2 people (out of high school). Ask them the following questions 

(by phone, email, text or in person) and document their responses.

  1. What did you score on your ACT?

  2. When did you take the ACT?

  3. How important do you think it is to take the ACT and to score well?

  4. If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently?


*If you would prefer to type your assignment, feel free to just share with me on google drive.


**You can also find this information on my teacher website through the Barren County Schools webpage.


You may email me with any questions @