The main objective of the ilearn@home days are to lessen the impact of missed instruction due to severe weather or other events that normally cause school to be cancelled. Students will be able to review previously taught concepts that will help to minimize instructional disruptions. This will also lessen the impact of changes to the school calendar for scheduled breaks and the end of school. While the state process allows for up to 10 days of non-traditional instruction, the objective is to use as few as possible as to balance face-to-face and non-traditional instruction. 

Days 1-5 Instructions: Copy and paste the link below in your browser.


With the winter weather currently predicted for our area, please take the time to look over the ilearn@home packets in this folder. Below you will find some quick information.

Please put the folder in a safe location so that you can easily locate it when our first iLearn@home day is planned.

  • Your child has 5 packets of ilearn@home work. Each are labeled with day 1, day 2, day 3, etc. (at top). Packets will go home with each child after December 1st. 
  • The packets are color coded by day.

Day 1: yellow, Day 2: blue, Day 3: green, Day 4: pink, Day 5: orange

  • The Barren County School District will be utilizing FIVE weather related closing days as iLearn@homedays but, at the discretion of the superintendent and district leadership, there will not be more than 3 days the same week. All other ilearn@home days that may go unused should remain in a safe spot and be ready for the next round of snow should that be the case.


  • Use the school supplies that you have at home. Please complete work with a pencil only. No ink pens.


  • The lessons in the packet are review, so your child should be able to accomplish these easily. Students may need an adult to read the directions and to monitor their progress. Do not complete the packets for your child.


  • Your child will need to return the finished packets. Students will have 3 days once school is back in session to complete the ilearn@home material. These materials are graded and recorded.


  • Your child’s teacher will be available to answer questions or help with any content on each of the first 5 snow days. Please feel free to email or call using the contact information found in your child's packet.