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Welcome to 1st grade! First grade is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning. This is a year of important transitions, as well as one in which acquisition of new skills is accelerated. During first grade, your child will learn how to read even better, write stories, add, subtract, and so much more. We hope to make your child’s learning experience a fun and exciting one, and we hope to do our parts to instill a love of learning that will last throughout your child’s years of schooling.

So much happens in First Grade! Because of this, the year will be full of important transitions. It is extremely important to keep in mind that we all build on small successes. Each child will progress at his/her own rate, acquiring skills as he/she is developmentally ready. Maintaining each child's self-esteem and building a secure foundation for future growth will always remain a priority in our first grade. 


Here are some ways you can help:

* Read to and with your child every day. The more your child is exposed to language, the easier it will be for him/her to incorporate new skills in reading and writing in the classroom.

*Sit down with your child each night to assist in completing homework assignments and to help study spelling words.

* Watch for the newsletter each week and allow your child's red folder to be a great communication tool to stay up-to-date and organized. 








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