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  • ILearn at Home

    Barren County is excited to introduce a new and exciting approach to snow days. 

    Due to the amount of snow days accumulated throughout previous school years, we have the opportunity to makeup some of our snow days at home. These days will be known as ILearn days, and students are responsible for any information and assignments assigned specifically for these days.

  • Instructions for ILearn

    Not every snow day is inteneded to be an ILearn at home day.

    You will receive information from a one call if a snow day is going to be used as an ILearn at home day.



    Every student has been given a packet for ILearn at home days.

    If the packet is lost it is the responsibility of the student to go to the website and print another one.

    Each student has been told which problems are expected to be completed from the packet. It is the student's respnsobility to complete the work.

  • Where to find materials

    Materials are located to the right of this page in the corresponding folder. Each class has their own folder that contains:

    -A copy of the packet

    -A break down of what is due on each ILearn day

    -Links to videos for assistance 

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