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Steps for receiving Health Care Services in your school:

  1. See school nurse at your school for initial medical evaluation
  2. Nurse completes initial assessment, takes vitals, administers OTC meds, etc. and determines whether student needs to see a medical provider
  3. If the school nurse determines the student needs to see a medical provider, the guardians will be contacted to see if they want to take the student to their own primary care doctor or to see the Healthy Kids Clinic APRN
  4. If the guardian wants the student to see the Healthy Kids Clinic APRN, the school nurse will contact the receptionist at Healthy Kids Clinic to place them on the schedule (usually for the same day)
  5. APRN travels to school (if necessary to see patient)
  6. Guardian will be contacted and explained the results of the visit.  Guardians are always welcome to be present for the visits, but do not have to be
  7. If necessary, APRN sends electronic prescription(s)  to patient’s preferred pharmacy
  8. Patient’s insurance is billed as an office visit and patient is sent an invoice by mail if co-pay is required

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