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Exceptional Child Education

Cynthia York
Director of Special Programs

KY's Social Emotional Learning Forum

                          Educators, Parents, and Students



Barren County Flames Basketball Exhibition

Flames 5

Flames 4

Flames 3




Barren County Schools recently had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Joseph Hunter, Dollar General Director.   We are thrilled to begin a community partnership to better serve and meet the needs of ALL students in Barren County Schools.     



Barren County Teachers recently presented at the KY CEC on Co-Teaching models.  

Barren County Teachers recently presented at the KY CEC on Co-Teaching Models


Mrs. Maynard's students recently completed a "Freddy the Fish" activity.  They enjoyed exploring how environmental factors impact a living organism.  




Barren County Schools was recently awarded $1,000 from Modern Woodmen of America.  This money will help support students with special needs of Barren County Schools. 



Ms Maynard's Science class studies ecosystems by creating food chains from several different ecosystems. 




The staff at BAVEL ROCKED THEIR SOCKS today in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Day! 



FREE Famiy Event! Check it out! Register at this link.

Family First

What are we all about at Barren County Schools? Take a look! 

Profile of a Trojan

Barren County High School opens store to help students in need -

Our kids are doing GREAT things! Check it out!



In less than 2 weeks, Kentucky will have its primary election. 

You will find Protection & Advocacy’s newly updated voting rights booklet under Documents.  Look for Your Voice: Your Vote....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Please complete the survey from KDE at the link below! 

This is a survey for parents of students receiving special education services. Your responses will help guide efforts to improve services and results for children and families. In responding to each statement, think about your experience in working with the school. You may skip any item that you feel does not apply to you or your child. All responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to you or your child. Please answer these questions as they pertain to the current school year (2017-18).

Kentucky Department of Education Special Education Parent Survey


Autism Awareness Month




By Erica Kearney, M.A., BCBA, LABA

What is ASD?
ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by deficits in social interactions and social communication and by restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior.
How many children have ASD?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that one in 68 children in the United States has an ASD (2014). This number is about 30 percent higher than the CDC’s 2012 estimate of one in 88 children.
How common is ASD?
Autism spectrum disorder is more common in children than cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. Autism occurs in all races, ethnicities, and social groups. It is five times more common in boys than in girls.
Do we know what causes autism?
Although a specific cause of autism is not known, current research links autism to biological or neurological differences in the brain. Autism is believed to have a genetic basis, although no specific gene has been directly linked to the disorder. We do know that autism is NOT caused by vaccinations. 
How is ASD diagnosed?
According to the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), ASD is diagnosed when a person exhibits three “persistent deficits” in social communication and social interaction, and at least two repetitive behaviors.
At what age should a child be screened for ASD?   
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC recommend that all children be screened ASD at 18 months and again at 24 months. However, individuals of any age can be screened for ASD.
What are the benefits of an early diagnosis?
The earlier a child with ASD is diagnosed, the better the long-term outcome. Studies show that early diagnosis and intervention during the first years of a child’s life can significantly impact his or her long-term prognosis, particularly in the areas of language and social behavior.
Are there autism treatments that work?
Yes! In its recently released National Standards Report, Phase 2, the National Autism Center identified 14 established treatments that produce beneficial outcomes effective for children and adolescents on the spectrum, and one for adults.
You can download a free copy of the report at

Erica Kearney, M.A., BCBA, LABA, is the Executive Director of the May Center School for Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass. She can be contacted at

About May Institute
May Institute is a nonprofit organization that is a national leader in the field of applied behavior analysis, serving individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, brain injury and neurobehavioral disorders, and other special needs. Founded more than 60 years ago, we provide a wide range of exceptional educational and rehabilitative services across the lifespan. May Institute operates four schools for children with ASD and other developmental disabilities, including one in West Springfield, Mass. For more information, call 800.778.7601 or visit


For resources and more information about Autism, visit


What does transition, or life after high school, look like for ALL kids? Barren County Trojans will be Transition-Ready! 

Watch for more here!


Ms. Maynard's Class Enjoyed Equine Therapy Day!





Best Buddies Program is Coming to BCHS! 

Dulce and Kirsten are back from Best Buddies 28th annual Leadership Conference and they are so excited about getting our program going! They had an amazing time! 




Mrs. Emberton's students enjoyed the day at the Hot Rod's game today on their field trip! They all LOVE baseball! 

K.E Kids

  D. says baseball is even better than football! :-) 




Dear Parent,

We need your input! Our school district and the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) want to hear from parents regarding how well your child’s school is doing to involve you in the special education services provided to your child.

We would like you to complete a brief, online survey to share your experience with your child’s special education services during the current school year (2016-17). Please go to, click “Click here to access the 2017 Parent Survey,” and complete the eleven-question survey telling us about your current experiences.

If you would like to visit the school to complete the survey, you are more than welcome to use one of our computers. Unfortunately, this survey is only available electronically as we are unable to process paper copies.

Only one parent per student should complete this survey. However, if you have more than one child with an IEP, please complete a survey for each of your children.

All responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to you or your child. Results will be analyzed by the Human Development Institute (HDI) at the University of Kentucky (UK) and used for a report to the U.S. Department of Education. We will also be reviewing the final report to see if we can do more to involve parents in their child’s special education program.

The deadline for completing this very important survey is May 31, 2017.

Thank you for your help.

Barren County Schools Special Education Department


Molly Caswell was recognized by the Barren County Board of Education at the December meeting. Molly was selected as the Kentucky CEC Teacher of the Year by the Council for Exceptional Children. This is an exceptioal honor, and well deserved. Molly goes above and beyond daily for students in her classroom at North Jackson Elementary School. 

Molly Caswell

CEC Teacher of the Year!!! 

Congratulations, Molly! 



Encuesta de Participación de los Padres - Spanish Version

"There needs to be alot more emphasis on what a child can do, instead of what he cannot do."   ~Dr. Temple Grandin

Meet the Team

Barren County ECE Mission Statement

We are BC
ECE students will be prepared to achieve success in post-secondary endeavors. Beginning in preschool, and through 12th grade, we will use data to make informed decisions in all areas to increase the opportunities for success for all.

Cynthia York
Mrs. Cynthia York, Director of Special Programs

Jamie Riley
Mrs. Jamie Riley, Administrative Assistant



Mrs. Molly Caswell, Teacher Consultant


 Mrs. Christa Middleton, Teacher Consultant 

Mrs. Ann Epperson, School Psychologist

Ann Epperson

Mr. Dan Belding
School Psychologist
Ms. Bridget Wilfert, School Psychologist
Bridget Wilfert