Education Foundation School Grants

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2012 - Foundation directors have awarded the following matching grants for schools.

Barren County Schools eLibrary:

                Students in Barren County Schools have a new avenue for accessing library materials – Overdrive.  This website allows students 24/7 online access to a digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded to various electronic devices.  The proposal requested funding for eBooks and audiobooks selected by the librarians to boost the initial collection available to students.


Red Cross Integration of IPADS into Classrooms:

                This proposal involved the creation of a portable IPAD lab which can be scheduled for use by classrooms. IPAD technology is useful in enhancing and sustaining student learning. Some of the capabilities available include: utilization of eBooks featuring images, videos, and audio; linkages to footage, articles, and different modes of period music; student ability to highlight text, take marginal notes, access dictionaries and thesauruses.


Hiseville Preschool Listening Center

                Hearing the words, saying the words, and reading the words all tap into different realms of learning and together increase the likelihood of retaining information.  To make the most of existing equipment and reach as many students as possible, this proposal involves the purchase of a junction box, headphones, storage center, cd’s with book sets, and cd player.  Click here for pictures


Trojan Academy IPAD Initiative:

                This proposal will enable the Trojan Academy to place at least one IPAD in each classroom. Students will be able to access iTextbooks, research widely and efficiently, remediate problem areas, enrich gifted endeavors, collaborate with teachers and students across the globe, provide practice for assessments, share notes, ideas, and references, and even go on virtual field trips.



2011-Foundation directors voted to solicit proposals of school principals in September 2011 to address student funding needs on a matching basis. The following assistance needs were granted:
Eastern Elementary School received assistance with the purchase of Smartboard installations for speech and special education classrooms. Click to see picture.

The Austin Tracy Elementary School proposal for assistance with the purchase of student IPADS was approved. Click here for more information.

The directors also approved a request for student funding assistance with a planned trip to Carnegie Hall for the Barren County High School Orchestra. Click to see photo taken in NYC by