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Student YMCA

The Student YMCA (Formerly Y Club) is a school or community based organization chartered by the Kentucky YMCA that promotes service, leadership, and character development through student-organized service to the school and community and through fellowship with peers, adults, and YMCA staff. There are more than 6000 Student YMCA members in more than 150 Student YMCAs across Kentucky. All young people in 6th-12th grade that are looking for the best opportunities in civic engagement, Christian values, responsibility, academics and motivation are encouraged to join our Student YMCA movement. The Student YMCA is open to all students who wish to become servant leaders to their schools and communities and who accept the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Student YMCA members participate in KYA and KUNA.
The Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) is a three-day experience in diplomacy that provides students and adult leaders with a greater appreciation for our global community through hands-on involvement with international issues and solutions. The conference is geared toward developing students’ international consciousness through role-play as they represent one of the members of the United Nations.
The Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) is a Youth in Government program designed to provide hands-on experience in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. The overall goal of the conference is to teach the mechanics of government and to impress upon students the importance of active participation to the success of a democracy. Fundamentally KYA exists because Democracy must be learned by each generation. For three days, students play the various roles integral to the operation of a state government, including state representative, senator, and member of the press, Supreme Court justice, Governor, and more. Each of these roles has specific and important functions without which the conference could not function. More about specific student responsibilities is available in the section on delegate roles. Over the years new programs have been designed to better serve the conference's role of engaging students in meaningful dialogue about contemporary problems and solutions.
Advisor/Sponsor: Mr. Steenbergen
Who can join? Open to all students
Fees: $15