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Energy Management & Conservation

What Are You Doing to Save Energy?

School Energy Managers Project

The School Energy Managers Project (SEMP) was formed within Kentucky School Boards Association in 2010 to help school districts comply with KRS 160.325, which was enacted “in an effort to reduce rising energy costs that are straining school budgets.” The mission of SEMP is to put professionally trained energy managers into schools.Where school district sizes are small, partnerships are formed across district boundaries to share an energy manager.

As a result of these efforts and the efforts of Kentucky’s 173 public school districts, energy is being used more efficiently today than in fiscal year 2010. The statewide Energy Utilization Index has dropped from 65 kBtu/sf/yr* to below 58 kBtu/sf/yr* during a time when the area of conditioned space has grown dramatically.

KSBA has been recognized nationally as ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for Energy Program Delivery. This recognition is for district assistance with energy related projects and uncovering ways to cut costs and increase energy efficiency.

* kBtu/sf/yr is the amount of energy consumed, measured in thousands of British Thermal Units (KBTU), and divided by the gross conditioned area in square feet.



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