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Red Cross STLP

"Pawesome Pals" visited BRAWA to make profiles for the dogs and cats so they could be adopted!


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Welcome to Red Cross Elementary STLP program!


STLP State Competition DPOJ Entries:

Capturing My Faith by Ivy C.

Capturing My Faith - Ivy C.

This is a picture of our family bible I took on our table.I used moms camera and put it on the portrait setting.This setting makes the camera focus the main area not the things in the background. I took pictures of moms glasses and our bible in different lighting and angles. I also tried color as well as black and white. I took many pictures. I took the memory card out of the camera and  uploaded them to the computer. Once they all uploaded into the computer I looked at all of them and decided on the ones I liked best and had the feeling that I wanted to send. I decided on this picture and cropped off the ruffled table runner that I had not aimed to get in the shot. I put a small simple vignette around the image. I save it to my hard drive. I wrote an email to my teacher and add the image as an attachment so that I could turn it in.    

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Doggone Cute by Riley W.

Doggone Cute by Riley W.

I chose to make a picture of my new puppy because she is funny and is always playing with her toy. I think puppies are cute and have a lot of personality. 

First, I focused the camera in on my puppy. Then I waited until she got still and was playing with her toy. Next, I took a few pictures and chose the best one that showed her face and her looking at the camera. I did not do any editing to my picture. 


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STLP Showcase - "PAW"some Pals - Loving our shelter animals one book at a time!

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STLP Showcase - Color Your World - Changing the world, one color at a time! 

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