T.H.E DOG Pound After School Services

Holly Stout
21st CCLC

Welcome to T.H.E. Dog Pound

After School Program

21st CCLC


Hours of the Program

T.H.E. Dog Pound After School Program Monday-Friday 2:30-5:00

*Program will only be open and in session when school is in session*

*On days when school closes early, (bad weather, shortened day, etc.) the program will not meet and your child will be sent home at the appointed time*


 Contact Holly Stout, Site Coordinator at 270-427-2611


Snacks: T.H.E. Dog Pound after school program provides a snack and drink each afternoon for your child. If your child has any dietary restrictions, be sure to inform the on-site coordinator. In such cases, you may be advised to send a snack from home.


The cooperation of parents with all policies and procedures is essential. Take every opportunity to talk with T.H.E. Dog Pound Staff about your child. Ask your child about the program each day.

21st Century On-Site Coordinator: Holly Stout






  • Dog Pound Forms

    • Please read the following parent notebook and acknowledge receipt and understanding on the parent notebook acknowledgment form.