T.H.E. Dog Pound/21st CCLC

Welcome to 21st CCLC Dog Pound!











This is the Place to be!!

Calling all student for EXCITING and FUN LEARNING after school.


Program Hours

Breakfast Club

Monday-Friday 7:00-7:30am Computer Lab 2

T.H.E. Dog Pound

Monday-Friday 2:22-5:00pm

1st and 2nd 9-Weeks Enrichment Schedule

Monday - Crafts, Quaver, Lego Robotics, Music Club

Tuesday – STEM, Craft Club

Wednesday - Volleyball, Knex, Quaver, Lego Club

Thursday - Coding, STEM, Science Club

Friday - Fun Friday


For more info contact Holly Stout, CCLC Coordinator, at 270-427-2611.