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Red Cross Student Council

Red Cross Student Council
     The purpose of Student Council is to develop a positive school climate by involving students in making Red Cross the best it can be! Student Council strives for good citizenship, respects all individuals in the school and community, and gives students experience in a leadership role. Student Council helps make recommendations to improve the morale and spirit of Red Cross Elementary School.
·        All students in Grades 5 and 6 shall have the opportunity to be nominated for a position and offer ideas to Student Council.
·        Officers shall be selected by a committee of Red Cross faculty/staff.
·        Student Council officers consist of The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Reporter.
·        Each class in grades 5 and 6 shall elect a Class Representative, which is separate from the Student Council Officers.
·        Each class shall also have an alternate in case the representative is unable to attend a meeting.
A student who wishes to be a candidate for the Student Council shall:
·        Follow Mustang Expectations
·        Be a hardworking student
·        Maintain a “B” average or above throughout the school year; “A” in conduct
·        Get along well with other students and adults
·        Attend all meetings (notify the advisor if unable to attend)
·        Students may nominate themselves or another student.
·        Signed recommendations by 2 teachers/staff members is required.
·        Parental permission must be given in order to run for both an Officer and Representative.
·        Officers will be appointed before class elections.
·        Students running for an office must write a short essay to be presented to a committee of teachers/staff for further consideration/selection.
·        Teachers will decide how classroom elections are conducted.  
·        Should a representative no longer be able to serve on Student Council, the student who received the second highest number of votes in the original election will replace him/her.
·        The term of office shall be for one school year, beginning the date the election results are announced and ending the last day of school.
·        All meetings are run in a democratic manner.
·        Council meetings shall take place at least once per month.
·        The advisor will determine the dates of all meetings.
·        Students must bring a notebook and planner to all meetings.
·        An agenda must be prepared in advance for all meetings.
·        Each representative shall conduct class meetings at least one day before and within two days after each Student Council meeting for the purposes of gaining suggestions and reporting back about Student Council actions.
Removal from Office:
Any officer or representative may be removed from office due to poor attendance at Council meetings, failure to perform required/requested duties, failure to follow school rules or class rules, or not fulfilling any of the other qualifications for student council members.
Duties of Student Council Leaders
·        Meet with Secretary and Advisor to prepare agendas for each meeting
·        Presides at meetings- know the basic rules for parliamentary process
·        Reviews year’s activities and makes recommendations for the following year
Vice President
·        Acts in the absence of the President
·        Oversees reporting to younger grades
·        Keeps records of job assignments given to representatives
·        Keep minutes of meetings/helps advisor prepare agendas
·        Keep a master calendar for Student Council
·        Writes Thank you letters and notes
·        Writes and shares news involving Student Council to our school via newsletters or WWRC news and to the community
·        Works with the Vice President to report to younger grades
Classroom Representatives
·        Attend student council meetings and report back to their classrooms
·        Report class feedback to the council