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Austin Tracy 21st Century Community Learning Center Eagles Nest Afterschool Services

Gabby Mesker
Barren Beyond the Bell Site Coordinator



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         Welcome to Austin Tracy Elementary 

        21st Century Community Learning Center, 

                           Also known as Austin Tracy Eagles Nest.  

We offer our students and families a safe and nurturing environment to help enrich the learning experience of our students.  We are a literacy program that will provide academic interventions and enrichment while providing opportunities for STEAM based activities as well as social emotional learning and physical activity. We will include our Eagle's Nest parents/guardians in required monthly online learning skills activities tailored for families throughout the school year.

Now that you know what our program is all about, please understand that it is not an alternative to after school childcare.  Students who participate must understand it is an extension of their school day.  The behavior and academic expectations will remain as in their normal school day.  To ensure the success of this program, Covid19  policies and procedures will also be put into place to ensure the safety and well being of each student while providing a structured environment to help our students grow.  

Our mission is simple…

To provide a safe, exciting after school learning experiences for students and community.

Austin-Tracy Elementary was awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant with our business partner, Barren River Lake State Resort Park. We are excited to be able to offer a comprehensive after-school program that will focus on reading, math, science and physical activities.

The Eagles’ Nest After-school program operates from 2:30 – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  Unless District mandates otherwise, in our Covid19 World.


Students accepted into the program will be admitted based on a number of factors including:

*Students identified as needing improvement in the areas of math and reading through the RTI intervention process.

*Students whose teachers submit recommendations for student to attend based on classroom observations, teacher assessments, and last year's MAP testing scores.

*Students who school attendance has impacted their learning may also be referred to our program.

* Online registration per student. (Submission of registration form does not guarantee your student is eligible for our program.)

Link for online registration:

Due to the Pandemic our program participants number size has been extremely reduced  from years past to keep with the CDC guidelines in social distancing and contact tracing.

Online enrollment took place in August 2020 and as of October 2020 our program due to Covid19 guidelines has since filled and remains filled to capacity.


 We want every Austin Tracy child to have the opportunity to learn and share in multiple after school experiences. We also want them to excel in every way, and we hope to achieve this through a wonderful
after school experience made possible with the
21st Century Community Learning Center Grant.
For more information, questions or concerns please Contact-
Gabby Mesker - 270-646-2236