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Fun Friday Health and Wellness Check!

Interested in some awesome BC Bling?  Here's what you do!  

1) Watch our Google slides presentation below

2) Answer the following questions:

  • How do you define cyberbullying?
  • What are two places/platforms where cyberbullying could occur?
  • List 3 types of cyberbullying tactics and ways that you could counteract them.
  • If someone tries to cyberbully you, what 3 steps should you take immediately before reporting to online service providers, law enforcement, or the school?
  • Name 5 famous people in this presentation who overcame bullying.

3) E-mail answers to your principal, Mrs. Stacey Thomas at

It's that easy!  If your answers are correct, you will be entered into a drawing for some amazing prizes!  

stop cyberbullying


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Barren County Middle School Closure

Due to COVID 19, Barren County Middle School is now closed to walk-in visitors.  We have made this decision to protect the health of not only our staff, but also to protect the health of the community.  By limiting face-to-face contact, we can dramatically reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

We are still here to serve you.  For assistance, please call 270-651-4909.  We will do our best to resolve your issue through a telephone call or email.  If an in person meeting is required, please call. We will make the appropriate arrangements to assist you. 

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