Dual Credit/Work Ready Scholarship

KHEAA has loaded the data file recently submitted by your high school(s) for dual credit scholarship programs.  Students who have scholarship eligibility remaining for the 2018-2019 year should see a link on their MyKHEAA accounts to set scholarship preferences for the spring 2019 semester.  The deadline for students to submit preferences is March 1, 2019.  No additional scholarship requests will be accepted or changes made after March 1.


Students in grades 11 and 12 who have Dual Credit Scholarship eligibility remaining should see a DCS set preference link on their MyKHEAA account.  Students in grades 9-12 who were flagged as taking Career and Technical Education coursework should see a Work Ready KY Scholarship set preference link.  Some students may see links for both programs.  DCS preferences should be submitted first; then WRKS if the student has additional CTE coursework above and beyond what DCS will cover. 


If students submitted preferences for the spring semester back in the fall, they do not need to do anything further.  Existing scholarship awards will remain as is on KHEAA’s system.


Please note the following tips for setting DC preferences:

  • Students will NOT be awarded scholarship funds until after they submit their preferences.  A step-by-step instruction guide is attached for you to send to your students.
  • Now that links are available, please reach out to your dual credit students to encourage them to go to KHEAA’s website and set preferences.  KHEAA will periodically send a reminder to students regarding the need to set preferences.  However, we’ve found everything works much faster if the high school is reaching out to them too. 
  • Students will NOT have a DC preference link if they are missing a KEES account.  KHEAA uses the KEES database to obtain the full SSN for dual credit data.  This could include students who are new to your school, have recently moved to Kentucky, or do not meet US citizenship requirements (allowed for DCS, not KEES).  KHEAA is working the errors and will be in touch if we need additional information for them.
  • If students cannot see their DCS or WRKS DC link after signing in to their MyKHEAA account, please see if they can view their KEES account before contacting KHEAA.  If KEES is NOT visible, the student may have registered for their MyKHEAA account with an SSN that does not match KHEAA’s data.  They will need to contact KHEAA technical support at 800-818-2678 to have their MyKHEAA account fixed.  If KEES is visible and DC links are not, please contact me immediately. 


As a reminder, high schools have a dual credit summary report available to help track student activity for the 2018-2019 year.  An updated report is available each Wednesday morning and can be accessed by your district’s KEES coordinator. Each week’s report will tell you if KHEAA has received data for a specific student, if the student has set their preference, the college selected and, after funds go out, the course that has been paid.  


Last, but not least, please be aware there are high volumes of email hitting my inbox currently.  Emails are worked in order they are received.  It may take a week or so to receive a response, but you will receive a response.  Thank you for your patience as we work through this last month of scholarship submissions and changes.

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