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Dan belding

Dan Belding

Welcome to the College Street Campus Web Site.  I am very excited about our upcoming year.  All of our staff is returning but one and we have added Mr. Josh Romine as the new Social Studies teacher.  Our staff has recieved new training and we are hoping to make this the best year ever at College Street.  

The Phoenix Program is filling up fast and Mr. Rickard is fired up about his new students coming in.  Phoenix is a voluntary alternative program that students apply to get in.  Students complete core credits with Mr. Rickard and on-line using the Edgenuity curriculum.  Twice a week they go to job shadowing for real life experience in the work force!

The Alternative to Suspension Program will be up and running with Mr. Withrow at the helm.  Students have the opportunity to stay in school instead of being suspended out of school.  They have their work sent from the middle or high school and complete it in Mr. Withrow's class

The Day Treatment Program has already started school with students having 33 extra days of school they get an opportunity to earn extra credits towards graduation.  These students also receive school based mental health counseling and are in a structured/supervised program that many thrive in once they become adjusted.

The Alternative School Program is blended with the Day Treatment Program so that these students have access to highly qulaified teachers in all core subjects and they have a safe, secure, structured setting that allows them to work on issues that got them sent to College Street and then either return to the typical school or choose to stay and graduate.  

College Street is a "Unique Place to Learn" that is for sure.  Students that do not thrive in the typical setting often times thrive here.  I am excited to be the leader of this school and look forward to working with students and parents so that they can strive to excel!!!

Dan Belding, Director
College Street Campus


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