Principal's Message

Welcome to the College Street Campus web page.  Here at College Street we have three distinct programs that help support students that don't quite fit in at the typical high school for whatever reason.  First we have the alternate to suspension program.  This program is for elementary 5th and 6th grade students, as well as middle and high school students who have made a mistake and could be suspended out of school for that mistake.  Instead, they are sent to "ATS" for one to ten days.  Their work is sent from their typical school and they work on it here at College Street in the ATS room.  Next we have the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) program.  Students are referred to this program from either the Barren County High School or Barren County Middle School Principal.  These students stay at College Street for a minimum of six weeks.  Middle school students may leave at the nine week mark if they have earned the opportunity and high school students must wait until the semester ends.  There is also the Barren County Day Treatment program.  This program serves students from Barren County, Glasgow Independent Schools and Caverna School District.  Most of these students have made serious mistakes that have caused the court system to be involved in their lives.  Students in this program must also earn their way out of the program in a similar fashion to the ALC program.  Here at College Street we try and give students a different approach towards learning how to control themselves, get along with others and complete projects that they start.  We are very proud of our results and invite anyone to come by the school and see what we are all about.  Sincerely, Dan Belding


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