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Barren County Schools Endorses Kentucky Safe Schools Week

The Kentucky Center for School Safety announces Kentucky Safe Schools Week tol be observed October 19-25, 2014.

This year’s theme “LEAN On Me; Stop the Bullying!” focuses on the culture of the school and the interdependence of students and staff to make their school safe, warm and welcoming.  Within this overall culture students will be encouraged to support each other, connect with the staff and be diligent as they watch out for others in need. Fundamental to the “LEAN On Me” concept is straight from the song lyrics, “sometimes in our lives we all have pain and we all have sorrow” learning to depend on fellow classmates, trust the adults at school and to treat others well.  This “culture of kindness” will support the subtitle of “STOP the Bullying” by getting to the root of the problem before episodes escalate. Click the icon above to take the "LEAN on Me; Stop Bullying!" Pledge.

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Barren County Schools take Proactive Approach to Local Ebola Concerns

(Glasgow, KY 10-16-14).  Due to recent questions and concerns expressed to us about an employee traveling to Africa and returning back to work at one of our schools, we would like to release the following information.  A Barren County School Employee did recently travel to East Africa and visited the eastern areas of Kenya.  According to information provided to us by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this is not an area in which the virus is present and should not present a risk.  The virus is present in the Western Countries of: the Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sengal and Sierra Leone. 

Assistant Superintendent of Barren County Schools, Mark Wallace explained that “one of several precautions being put into place is that the employee is taking a voluntary paid leave of absence.  The decision to take the leave has nothing to do with potential risk, but rather to remove anxiety of all involved.  The safety of our students and staff is our first concern.

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WKU Super Saturdays

Please click on the link for information and application for WKU Super Saturdays.


2014 Kentucky K-PREP Scores Show Barren County Schools Proficient

The third year of the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) tests have been released, and the Barren County Schools show continual growth.   The Barren County District overall score increased to 68.9, which placed the district in the proficient range and at the 78th percentile in the accountability system.  

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Barren County Little League

Please check out the link on all elementary school sites and on the BCHS Athletics page for up to date information and postings regarding Barren County Little League.

Conservation Writing & Jim Claypool Art Contest

The 2014 Conservation Writing Contest is designed for KY students grade 6-12, and the Jim Claypool Art Contest is for grades 1-5.  

Principals Document - Click Here     **    The Soil Daily Times - Click Here

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Box Tops for Education

Welcome back to school, parents! This year I’m thrilled to be the Box Tops for Education™ Coordinator for NJE. Clipping Box Tops is an easy way for you to help our school earn cash. Our school earns 10 cents for each box top it collects. The amount may seem small, but it all adds up. Last school year, we earned $1,183.86 and used the money to purchase PE equipment. This school year, our school’s earnings goal is $1,500, which will be used to purchase incentives and books for our Readers are Leaders initiative.
Our school receives two checks from the Box Tops for Education™ program each school year. If you turn in your Box Tops before October 20, 2014, you can help boost the amount of the first check we receive in December. Clip your Box Tops and turn them in before the deadline.
Below are some tips that’ll make the submission process easier:
*  Bundle your Box Tops in groups of 10 or 50 using a sealable bag or envelope. Please mark your child’s homeroom on the front.
*  Tape or glue Box Tops on a collection sheet, available at (or I can email/print one for you).
Imagine what one child can do…
1 Box Top per month x 10 months = $1.00
5 Box Tops per month x 10 months = $5.00
10 Box Tops per month x 10 months = $10.00
Imagine what one school can do…
$1.00 x 525 students = $525.00
$5.00 x 525 students = $2,625.00
$10.00 x 525 students = $5250.00
Visit for Bonus Box Top offers, contests, and coupons. Please sign up to support NJE!!

Emma Taylor

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Directions for using the Self-Update Portal or the My Call Now App

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Barren County Schools Board Member District Map

Barren County Schools Board member districts vary from the lines of the individual school districts.  This map will assist you in determining which board member district you reside in. 

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