Kentucky College Coaches AmeriCorps Project
Role description:
Kentucky College Coaches are AmeriCorps State service members tasked with assisting high school students throughout the state take the steps necessary to apply for and get accepted to college. This will involve doing whole-school activities, as well as involve more one-on-one, near-peer mentoring with a minimum of 15 priority students from each grade level (9th-12th grade) designated by the member’s school-site supervisor. These priority students will be students who 1) will likely get through high school, but who are unlikely to go to college; 2) who would be first-generation college attendees; and/or 3) who are from low-income families.   Efforts to reach both the whole-school population and the priority students should be measurable in terms of the following:
a.       Number of priority students assigned to College Coach who continue working with that coach through the entire school year
b.      Number of students graduating from high school
c.       Number of students entering post-secondary institutions.
Benchmarks the College Coach should work to help the student attain are the following:
a.       Number of students reaching college readiness benchmarks in math and reading as measured by the 10th grade PLAN, and 11th grade ACT.
b.      Number of students applying to college
c.       Number of students completing the FAFSA
d.      Number of students moving from high school and accessing remedial courses during first year of college, where extra assistance is needed.
e.      Number of students who enter college as freshmen and who persist to sophomore standing.
Methods the College Coach will use to carry out the mentoring can include any of the following as deemed appropriate by the school site supervisor:
a.       Working with students on their Individual Learning Plans.
b.      Helping students in Career Planning.
c.       Helping students with time and organizational skills. 
d.      Recruiting volunteers within the community to assist with career awareness.
e.      Assist with classroom instruction, in terms of imbedding college planning materials among core content.
f.        Assisting teachers and guidance counselors develop effective tutoring plans for students who need academic assistance; and linking students to volunteers in the community and at local colleges for tutoring.
g.       Talking with students about high school courses and placement testing scores that lead to successful college admission.
h.      Helping students develop financial literacy skills.
i.         Incorporating College Bound curriculum within the site school.
j.        Assisting with family nights, especially as related to college admission.
k.       Home visits, as deemed appropriate by school staff and policy.
l.         Other types of mentoring / interventions based on needs of students and direction of school staff and policy.
The member is to complete 1700 hours over the dates of _____­­­______ through __________. The member will have a 90 day evaluation and an end-of-term evaluation by the site supervisor. This evaluation will take into account completion of service hours, successful completion of tasks assigned, and meeting the performance criteria determined at the start of the term as laid out in this role description and as supplemented by the school site supervisor and as agreed upon by Program Staff. Upon satisfactory evaluation at the end of the service term, the member will receive an education award of $5,550. During the term of service, the member will receive $1,090 per month over 9 months, depending on start date for term of service,in living allowance, less FICA and other applicable taxes.    Member will also receive health care and child care benefits as needed per AmeriCorps Program guidelines.

Program Highlights:
Ø This is a 7 month commitment or 900 hours whichever comes first (approximately 35 hours a week) from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm with a half hour for lunch Monday-Friday.
Ø The living stipend is approx. $1,090 a month less FICA.
Ø During this period student loans may qualify for forbearance and upon completion of service the National Trust will pay the interest accrued. 
Ø Health insurance and child care is available if the member meets the AmeriCorps guidelines.
Ø Upon completion of service, the member will receive an educational award of $2775. This may be applied to any student loan debt or used to advance your education in graduate school.
To apply go to:   Make sure you select Kentucky Service Corps and NOT College Coach.

Completing online AmeriCorps Application
Kentucky Service Corps
May 20, 2011
The link to the Kentucky Service Corps AmeriCorps application is
1.       Click on the APPLY NOW button.
2.       A prompt will pop up saying "To apply for this opportunity you must be registered with the system. Would you like to register?" Click Ok. (Since this is a popup, if you are using popup blocking software turn it off or make sure that has been white-listed)
3.       This takes you to the page for setting up your AmeriCorps Profile.
4.       Once you have completed this, you will receive a message like this with your information in it:
Applicant Information
Thanks for your registration, Gayle A Hilleke. An e-mail has been sent to you at with further instructions.
5.       In your email you will get a message:
Please click on the access link below to create a username and password for your personalized My AmeriCorps account.
Once you have created a username and password, you must log into your account within 72 hours to complete the registration process.
6.       Create a username and password and click SAVE.
7.       Once it is saved, it will take you to a page that says “Welcome” and your name. This is your “My AmeriCorps” portal page. This is where you can manage your AmeriCorps account and where you will be able to manage your education award after you complete your service.
8.       On the left you will see a list of menu items.
9.       First, choose references and fill out the forms for at least 2 references. At the bottom, you must click on the link to send the reference request to the person you listed.
10.   After creating at least 2 references, go to the menu at the left and choose Application. Fill out every box on the form. If it does not apply to you, write NA. When you get to the reference section, there should be the two references that you did in step #9. Click on the box to select each of two references. (The application will not be complete without this step!)
11.   Hit the complete button.
12.   On the menu at the left, choose search listings. From the drop down menus choose: AmeriCorps State/National; then Kentucky; in the third box type in Kentucky Service Corps. Hit SEARCH.
13.   Click on the name of the program Kentucky Service Corps.
14.   Scroll down and click on APPLY NOW!
15.   Certify that you are 18 or older.
16.   Click SUBMIT.
17.   You are finished!!!
1.       The Kentucky Service Corps grants manager will receive an email that you have applied for the program and will send you a confirmation email.

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