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20 Great iPad Apps for Primary Literacy

37 Teacher Favorite iPad Apps

Apps in Education

A collection of 1300+ for education

Apps for Children with Special Needs

Free apps that are content neutral categorized by Bloom's Taxonomy

Review educational apps for quality & get ideas on how to use the apps instructionally

Kathy Schrock's Guide to iPads in the Classroom

Mr. G Online
iPads, web

Useful Tools

App that allows for control of your whiteboard from your iPad

Turn your iPad into a recordable whiteboard.  Create & share video lessons with your iPad or browser.


Tools that allow for collection of real-time data without student devices
Show Me App

Online Student Response System

Voice for a non-verbal person
Time Timer
Manage time on your iPad

Science Apps

TinkerBox HD
Physics app that allows you to invent machines.


Some Favorite Fifth Grade Math Apps

Language Arts


Opposite Ocean Antonyms

Same Meaning Magic
Same Sounds Spell Bound Homophones
Sentence Builder

Silly Stories

Word SLapPs Vocabulary

History/Social Studies

Virtual History ROMA
Fantastic Voyage to Ancient Rome

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Educational Technology
Guy (Part 1)
Educational Technology Guy (Part 2)