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Scholarship information will be available in the Guidance Office, on the BCHS Counselors' website, and/or on college organization websites throughout the school year. Seniors and their parents are encouraged to stay up-to date with the latest information regarding scholarships. As the school year progresses the scholarship list will become more extensive.

Be aware of deadlines
Many schools offer financial incentives for those who apply early.

Local Scholarships
We are very fortunate to have scholarships that are generated from the Barren County community. These scholarships are open to all seniors who meet the criteria to apply.  Many of the scholarships have criteria such as a certain GPA, or a certain college field of study, or required community service. Each one has a different set of criteria. These scholarship applications can be picked up in the Guidance Office and typically become available beginning in January. Many are awarded at our Academic Awards Ceremony program in the spring.

Scholarships are listed as they become available.