Just released this week - Eastern, North Jackson, Park City, and Temple Hill Elementary Schools in Barren County will be receiving new 21st Century Grants.  In addtion to these new grants, Austin Tracy Elementary received a five year continuation of their 21st Century Grant.

Schools with the new grants will each receive $150,000 for the first 3 years of the grant program with the last 2 years being a reduced amount; however, overall totals for each elementary school over the 5 year period is $637,500. Austin Tracy’s continuation grant totals $277,500 over a 5 year period.

The 21st Century Community Learning Center program is authorized under Title IV, Part B, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and commits significant dollars through a very competitive application process. According to the US Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers Non-Regulatory Guidance document, these centers are designed to offer students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs. The 21st Century Grant has three major components that schools will focus on-family involvement, academic assistance and enrichment activities.
Today marks a historic moment for the children of the Barren County School system!  Our students will have unbelievable support in progressing toward a successful future!  The children of the Barren County School system have been blessed today.  
- Bo Matthews, Superintendent, Barren County Schools

We are overwhelmed with excitement for the expanded opportunities for our Temple Hill students. Our students will be given an opportunity to be part of an awesome summer program with an emphasis on reading. We are very excited to be partnering with Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library. We owe a huge gratitude to our district grant writer Holly Trowbridge.
-   Jon Hall, Principal Temple Hill
I am truly excited for Park City Elementary to be a recipient of the 21st Century Learning Grant. Most importantly this grant will afford the students at Park City Elementary the opportunity not to just learn about content within the walls of our school, but to also give them the ability to apply their content knowledge through various 21st century learning activities focusing on college and career readiness.  
- Anthony Janes, Principal, Park City
We at Austin-Tracy Elementary are thrilled to have received the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant again. The funds provided through this grant will allow us to continue to extend learning and enrichment for our students beyond the regular school day. Our partnerships with the community are made stronger because of this grant as well.
- Brian Clifford, Principal, Austin Tracy

 This is a great opportunity for our students. As a school, we are excited to offer new opportunities for our students. I think our parents will also like the multitude of new after school activities we will be able to offer.
               -  Will Compton, Principal, Eastern

We are excited about the opportunities this 21st century grant will allow North Jackson Elementary students.  The grant will enable us to expand our partnership with WKU to continue our focus on college/career readiness.
              - Anthony Frazier, Principal, North Jackson

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