C. Instruction & Technology

Scott Harper
Scott Harper
Director of Instruction and Technology

The Instruction & Technology Department is dedicated to evaluating and assessing all curriculum and instruction practices within the district.  This team of professionals work very diligently making sure that the students of Barren County will succeed in their education.

Meet the Team -

Lacie Burks, Administrative Assistant


Instructional Services:

Shari Alexander - District Curriculum Resource Teacher
& Gifted/Talented Specialist

Tara Griffith - District Curriculum Resource Teacher 

Amy Irwin - Colllege & Career Development Coordinator

Michelle Shirley - District Curriculum Resource Teacher


Instructional Technology Services:

Valerie Stokes - Technology Integration Specialist
Melissa Moss - Technology Integration Specialist

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Technical Services:
Steve Gumm - Director of Technical Services/CO-CIO
Cory Goode - Technical Service Specialist
Kris Aquino - Technical Service Specialist

Student Help Desk/District Video Channel/BC Live:

Ruth Ann Gumm - Teacher


Community Education:

Marcus Kingrey - Director