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How to Guide for filling out Maintenance Work Orders

 Rita Powell RN
School Health Page
 MAP Parent Flyer Employee AUP
AUP Acknowledgement

Staff Absence / Sub Caller System

Kentucky ILP for Staff
District Policies Training
Medication Training

Click link above and locate the District Policies Training course.  
Use your full email address and login to access the site
Professional Development
Needs Assessment
 Smart Phone Exchange Setup
E-Mail - your full email address
Server - m.outlook.com or pod51004.outlook.com
Domain - barren
Username - your full email address
Password - Enter your outlook password
Description - this is optional 
Use SSL - Set to "on"
S/MIME - Set to "off"
Click Done - It till take a few minutes to activate.

Please do not contact the Barren County Tech Office if there are questions or problems beyond this information.  Anything beyond the above provided information will be unique to the service provider and/or the device.