Who We Are

The Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning (BAVEL) was established in 2004 by innovative minds who envisioned giving parents and their children another option in seeking a high school diploma. BAVEL is a public school recognized by the Kentucky Department of Education. In addition, BAVEL is accredited by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). BAVEL curriculum is provided primarily by Florida Virtual Global School (FLVS), in addition to Dual Credit partnerships with numerous Kentucky colleges and universities.

BAVEL serves a diverse population of students - grades 6 through 12 - from public, private and home schools. BAVEL students have been identified as everything from gifted and talented to students at-risk. However, BAVEL doesn’t focus on the labels; it focuses on the students to provide a meaningful and challenging learning environment for all BAVEL students outside the walls of a traditional public school.

Beyond earning a high school diploma, the flexible nature of BAVEL’s digital learning allows students to customize their schedules by registering for one or more courses from a menu of core content, Advanced Placement (AP), college dual credit, and foreign languages courses. In addition, some students simply want to accelerate their learning.


Benefits of the Program

BAVEL exists to meet the diverse needs of the students and families it serves, regardless of where they live or their schedules. There are no buses to catch, no bells to follow, no after school meetings for parents and no fundraisers to sell at BAVEL. There is no bullying, no uniforms or lunchroom fees at BAVEL. There are only teachers and students. Certified master teachers who care about the students they serve. That’s BAVEL; simply put -students and teachers. Together the students and teachers have proven BAVEL to be an extremely successful experience.

  • Expanded Curriculum
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  • Dual Credit Courses
  • Multiple Foreign Language Courses
  • Increased Support Available*
  • Fully Certified Kentucky Teachers
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Guidance Counseling
    *student must reside in a district that has a non-resident agreement with Barren County