Course Offerings

Course Offerings


Language Arts
English I * 1.0
English II * 1.0
English III * 1.0
English IV * 1.0
AP English Language  1.0
AP English Literature  1.0
*Honors available

Algebra I * 1.0
Algebra II * 1.0
Geometry * 1.0
Pre-Calculus 1.0
Calculus * 1.0
Liberal Arts Math 1.0
Advanced Algebra with Financial Application 1.0
Foundations in Personal Finance 1.0
AP Calculus AB 1.0
AP Calculus BC 1.0
AP Statistics 1.0
*Honors available

Earth Space Science * 1.0
Biology * 1.0
Chemistry  * 1.0
Physical Science * 1.0
Physics * 1.0
Marine Science * 1.0
AP Biology 1.0
*Honors available

Social Studies
US Government *  0.5
US History * 1.0
World History * 1.0
Economics  0.5
Global Studies 1.0
AP U.S. Government  0.5
AP U.S. History 1.0
AP Human Geography 1.0
AP Macroeconomics 0.5
AP Microeconomics 0.5
AP Psychology 1.0
*Honors available

Health & Physical Education
Life Management Skills 0.5
Personal Fitness 0.5

Art History 1.0
Music Appreciation 1.0
AP Art History 1.0


3D Art I - Modeling
3D Art II - Animation
ACT Prep
American History I
American History II
Anatomy & Physiology
Anthropology I
Anthropology II
AP Computer Science
Art in World Cultures
Audio Engineering
Career Explorations
Career Planning & Development
Careers in Criminal Justice
Classic Novels & Author Studies
Comprehensive American History
Computer Applications
Computer Science
Cosmetology: Cutting Edge Designs
Creative Writing
Digital Arts
Digital Information Technology
Digital Photography I
Digital Photography II
Early Childhood Education
Engineering Design
Fashion & Interior Design
Forensic Science I
Forensic Science II
Foundations of Programming
Game Design
Gothic Literature
Great Minds in Science
Health Science Concepts
Health Services
History of the Holocaust
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Geography
IDEA Writing
Intensive Reading: A Universe of Reading
Intensive Reading: Fields of Reading
International Business
Introduction of Agriscience
Introduction of Art
Introduction of Business
Introduction of Communications & Speech
Introduction of Culinary Arts
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Health Sciences
Introduction to Social Media
Law & Order
Leadership Development Skills
Literacy & Comprehension I
Literacy & Comprehension II
Marine Science
Medical Terminology
Mythology & Folklore
Nursing Assistant
Online Learning & Digital Citizenship
Peer Counseling
Personal & Family Finance
Personal Psychology I
Personal Psychology II
Pharmacy Technician
Public Speaking
Reading for College Success
Real World Parenting
SAT Prep
Social Media
Social Problems I
Social Problems II
Sociology I
Sociology II
Sports & entertainment Marketing
Theatre, Cinema & Film Production
Thinking & Learning Strategies
Veterinary Science
World Religions 

*Enrollment in Elective courses is based upon seat availability

World Languages
Chinese I 1.0
Chinese II 1.0
Chinese III 1.0
French I 1.0
French II 1.0
Spanish I 1.0
Spanish II 1.0
Spanish III 1.0
Spanish IV 1.0
Latin I 1.0
Latin II 1.0
Latin III



Language Arts
M/S Language Arts 6th Grade
M/S Language Arts 7th Grade
M/S Language Arts 8th Grade

M/S Mathematics 6th Grade
M/S Mathematics 7th Grade
M/S Mathematics 8th Grade

M/S Science 6th Grade 
M/S Science 7th Grade
M/S Science 8th Grade 

Social Studies
M/S Social Studies 6th Grade
M/S Social Studies 7th Grade 
M/S Social Studies 8th Grade 

Health & Physical Education
M/S Comprehensive PE

M/S Critical Thinking & Study Skills
M/S Fitness
M/S Orientation to 2D Art
M/S Reading 
M/S Spanish Beginning
M/S Spanish Intermediate
M/S Journalism
M/S Photography

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